Jane N’ The Jungle Guides You Down The Rabbit Hole With Trippy New Mind Melding Experience In ‘Ocean Creatures’

Strap in and hold on cause you’re about to go on one hell of a ride. Jane N’ The Jungle has just created for our listening pleasure a new opus of a song that is guaranteed to send your psyche soaring. Reading that sentence aloud I felt as if it was being narrated by Rod Serling. I say that because this song feels as if you are going on a trip to the Twilight Zone. That is meant to be taken as the highest of compliments.

Jordan White took her lyrical paintbrush and painted across the tapestry of our minds a tale that will leave us unsure if it really happened or not. It’s a tale pulled out of her own mind as she recalls her thoughts in the midst of being hit by a red-light driver. She was stuck in a moment where she thought she was going to die. She stated “I couldn’t identify the sensation. It was like imagining ocean creatures flying in space thinking they were probably angels. That’s the imagery that came to mind when writing the song.” That is some intense imagery to say the least.

Jane N’ The JunglePhoto by Jim Louvau

Speaking of imagery, Jane N’ The Jungle has an accompanying video for this standout of a song. It’s been expertly directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aquilara. This video is so trippy and bugged out that I can’t begin to imagine the conversations between the directors and Jordan as she tried to convey what her mind’s eye saw. Whatever was said amongst them worked wonders as the video is pristine and without a doubt captures the feeling that Jordan so magnificently had woven into her lyrics. If Jane N’ The Jungle are not yet on your radar, then clear some space so that they are.

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