Jane N’ The Jungle Smacks Hard As They Further Fortify Their Lasting Impression On Rock’s Landscape ‘Raw As A Jewel’

They say third time is a charm, but I’m not sure if that works in this case, as Jane N’ The Jungle has sure as hell charmed me way before this track. Yes, this is my third time covering this group and they have yet to fail when it comes to impressing. Not that I ever see that happening cause these cats have shown they have the goods and the staying power. I’m consistently floored by their musicianship and structuring of their songs.

‘Raw As A Jewel’ is no exception when it comes to them laying down their Rock anvil. Stating with great enthusiasm that they are f’n here and to make way. In a way this song serves as a carrion call or anthem for the band, as they stated that the song is about “Giving in to your desires and baring it all with reckless abandon.” They’ve done that in spades with this track and it’s accompanying video. They said this is their way of “daring the listener to follow their heart”. It seems the band is following their own advice and allowing their hearts to guide them.

Jane N The Jungle Raw As A Jewel
Jane N’ The Jungle

If the song is the main course, the video is the delectable after supper treats. It’s shot perfectly. Beautifully framed and edited as it’s showing the band in a “stripped own” environment. Granted there is some well thought out post-production effects that give a trippy feel to it, but other than that it is the band in the “raw” in front of a white backdrop/soundstage where they are playing their hearts out. Showing off each members unique talents as they all get their deserved time to shine. Kudos to you guys. Can’t wait to hear/see more. Side note: If a tour ever brings you through Chicago let me know. I’d love to sit down with you guys for an interview. Also, I’m a pretty seasoned music video director if you’re ever in the market for another video.

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