Jeff Lake has released a music video for the title track from his latest EP, ‘Field of Grass’

New York-based recording artist Jeff Lake gifts the planet Earth on April 22 with a new video for the masterfully crafted song ‘Field of Grass’, reminding us to take better care of and appreciate this place we all call home.

The performance of this song is as natural as its intent. With his stylish acoustic guitar licks and outstanding vocal ability throughout the song, ‘Field of Grass’ reveals a darker and more poetic side of Jeff Lake’s writing. Since the release of ‘Field of Grass’ EP in the fall of 2021, it has received over 200k Spotify plays and over 100k YouTube views for the opening track, ‘Better Times Will Come’. We’re confident better days will come if we’ll have music as marvelous as his.

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You’ll find lots of experience and accomplishments in his guitar hard case. With a life full of twists and turns, Lake started as a lead singer in the hair metal band Big Bang which had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as Winger, White Lion, and Extreme.

Jeff LakePhoto by Frank Rocco

Jeff has also honed his skills as a guitarist and singer by performing with members of the Billy Joel Band, the Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx), and the Transiberian Orchestra. He is a multi-genre songwriter and performer with his own style of Americana that blends elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, and country. He has created music for Universal Greece recording artist Michalis, as well as the theme song for CBS’s Latin American Idol spinoff show, the “Nueva Estrella Awards”. He recently also worked with Seon, a rising hip-hop artist.



With his down-to-earth approach, super melodic, and lyric-driven songs, Jeff Lake is making his music explode on the internet, gaining lots of plays and views on digital platforms, and steadily growing his international fan base.

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