Jemma Pixie Hixon release her hot debut single ‘Pull Fear From The Inside’

Birmingham, UK-based singer Jemma Pixie Hixon is here with a cinematic/sci-fi/futuristic track ‘Pull Fear From The Inside’ that will please those who love when metal guitar meets dark synth-pop.

Jemma Pixie Hixon is that neon light that shines brightly in the darkest alleyways and shadows. This is a perfect cocktail, a perfect illustration of what happens when rock and electronica collide with a beautiful voice and lovely style by Pixie. ‘Pull Fear From The Inside’ is dark, sensual, and you’re going to love it.

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Pull Fear From The Inside is her solo debut, but Pixie has been around for many years as a cover singer garnering over 17 million views on YouTube. Everything she does has a backstory, whether it’s music or another form of expression. She is recovering from agoraphobia, which has kept her from going out and doing certain things, or in other words—living social life completely freely. It’s something that most people are unaware of and mental health is something we definitely need to talk about a lot more. This song is just one piece of the puzzle in her fight for freedom, but she’s here to show her determination even if it’s against the odds, or if someone would tell her otherwise.

Jemma Pixie HixonJemma Pixie Hixon / Photo by Steve Maugham

She wants to show what’s possible when you have inner strength and willpower. She wants to express her thoughts and feelings via her original music, and raise awareness about mental health issues. Her name and her story have been heard all around the world and featured on major media outlets such as MTV, BBC, and Kerrang. With such a powerful debut, I’m sure her message is going to reach more and more people.

It’s a perfect look, vibe, and feel. The 80s Sci-Fi futurist aesthetics go hand in hand with the industrial style as Pixie takes you on her musical journey. It’s a great debut, and it’s intriguing what will come next. One thing’s for sure, she should stay on this path. It fits her so well.

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