Jessie Deluxe Breaks Through Like An Unstoppable Force With Unrelenting Vocal Range ‘Magic’

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It’s apropos that Jessie Deluxe’s latest album is titled ‘Magic” for that is what her bag of talent is full of, pure magic. Make no mistake, her vocal range is on par with greats of the past, but that’s just scratching the surface of her capabilities. This is a multi-layered woman who is brimming with remarkable talent. This album is proof positive of that. It’s an album that rightfully deserves a spot amidst your heavy rotation playlist. An album that you could proudly blast out your car speakers with the windows down as you go cruising.

Her voice is so chock full of melodic excellence that it almost seems unfair to the rest of the world. Her energy that she puts into each song is unmistakable and impressive. There are many female vocalists of the past that I could try to attribute her sound being akin to, but as I have a WIDE range of musical tastes, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into my catalog for someone that I am a huge fan of, and whose melodic range instills me with the same good feelings that Jessie Deluxe does. The vocalist I would put her in a category with is Lily Chou-Chou. Both these ladies have mesmerizing voices.

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Jessie pulled out all stops in the creation of this album. Not only does she blow walls down with her stunning melodic vocal range, but she also put together a stellar creative team to help bring her vision to life. That vision is full of harsh and heavy soundscapes that contrast with her beautifully melodic voice. Add in her intense guitar riffs and the collection of musicians backing her, and you have yourself a masterpiece. Complimenting Jessie is an array of talented musicians like Dave Catching (whom she refers to as her guitar hero), Diego Velasquez on baritone and Phillip Maddux with eruptive drums. Also, an honorary mention of Mayuko Okai on guitar and piano. This is a hell of an album where you won’t want to skip a song. Instead immerse yourself for the whole adventure from ‘Apocalypse’ all the way through ‘Empress’. It’s produced with precision at Rancho De La Luna with Dave Catching and John Russo. Do yourself a favor and add this stellar album to your collection.


Jessie Deluxe Live @ The Key CLub

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