JILL DAISY MAX’s Latest Oozes Nostalgia With 80’s Rock Aesthetic ‘All Or Nothing’

Jill Daisy MaxJill Daisy Max / Publicity photo

In a modern musical landscape that is overloaded with easily digestible pop fluff, I found an oasis of majestic music amidst Jill Daisy Max’s latest. Here’s an artist that is unafraid and unapologetic about putting out music with a weightier theme entwined within her subject matter. Stylistically she doesn’t remind me of Pat Benatar, but thematically she does. There’s a meaty substance to her lyrics, and the painstakingly way she has layered this song is a sight to behold. Tonally guiding the audience through different song structures. From the opening acoustic stretch all the way the through to the harder and more emphatic and eruptive parts in the final stage of the song.

Her voice travels seamlessly throughout the structure of the song which is mesmerizing when one thinks about it. She’s a talent that should really be paid attention to, as you don’t want to be left in the dust when she undoubtedly soars to meteoric heights in her music career. The song is aptly titled as it truly feels as if she’s put her “all” in to it, and feels as that “nothing” would be the only acceptable alternative to her success.

Listen to ‘All Or Nothing’

The duo of Jill Daisy Max and Daniel Jakubovic is one to keep your eyes glued to, as their musical stylings seem to fit together like peas in a  pod. Jill’s presence is one that undoubtedly commands attention, while Daniel’s expertise Producing the song is etched into every note of it. The guitar harmoniously “sings” throughout as it transitions between the aforementioned acoustic into the grittier electric “wails” joining Jill’s voice as it erupts into the more anthemic parts of the song. The guitar solo towards the end sends chills down the spine as it hits just right, before Jill explodes into the final part.



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