JJ Smith Hits With The Impressive One/Two Punch Of Being An Amazing Guitarist And Engaging Vocalist ’28 Club’

JJ SmithPhoto by Ian Mclaren

JJ Smith is a talent to behold. His voice instills with an ample amount of inspirational feelings. You feel his soulful energy with every word. His fingers dance majestically over the strings of his guitar. Listening to this album I felt as if I had been to some sleepy small-town commune in the 60’s. It was very refreshing to know that music like this can still be made and resonate as much as it does. I actually found JJ Smith’s album to be very cathartic as it inspires introspection.

JJ Smith introduces himself as an open book as he has said he willingly “puts his life’s struggles into his music because that’s where it belongs”. That takes an immense amount of courage from anybody, especially an artist. Mr. Smith on this album has proven himself to be exceptionally courageous. The topics he touches on in this album are hard-hitting and thought provoking. From covering the feelings behind a failed relationship in ‘Doorbell’ to the trappings of addiction in ‘Still’ where he dives deep into introspection as he sings about how we “get caught in a loop of our daily woes and worries”.

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Impressive was the lengths Smith went through to make this album. From running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the production funds, to flying out to Boston and recording the album in 2.5 days. When it was all said and done this man truly put his pain to page as he performed like an open book. I said earlier that it was courageous, and it’s downright commendable to be that open with your art. Through research I found out he performed in my hometown Chicago. Wish I had prior knowledge of that as I’m sure it would have been an awesome show to attend. Hats off to you sir.


Doorbell (Original) [Undercroft Sessions]

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