Juliet Callahan’s Powerfully Evocative Lyrics Paint An Intense Picture

Juliet CallahanJuliet Callahan / Publicity photo

As a writer I’ve always found writing to be immensely cathartic. I’ve felt that with writing you can put pain to paper. Flesh out your feelings with ink. Upon hearing ‘Depth Of Soul’ it’s safe to assume the talent that lies deep within Juliet Callahan finds its way into the world in much the same way. She has composed to powerful lyrics that assuredly resonate with a great many people once they discover her impactful voice. Her voice is a unique one that can sooth your soul while at the same time sending shivers down your spine.

This lady has borne her soul in the grandest of ways by crafting an intensely personal song. One that drew inspiration by her own life’s hurdles, but also has a way of ringing true to her fanbase. It’s a tale that brings with it widespread relatability as she talks about following your dreams, rebuilding yourself, charging head on into your self-discovery journey, and discarding old versions of yourself as you grow into the better version of you. These are tenets that we can all get behind. Hell, she has provided an outlet for us all to cling to. In essence, with her masterful song, she has become the voice of the voiceless.

Her lyricism sets her apart from the pack as the words she has composed are the type that have the tendency to stick to your bones. They latch onto you and will net go as they will stick with you long after you’ve pressed stop. Her voice is dusky as if she belongs in a smokey speak-easy lounge back in the day, but just when you think you have her pegged, she unleashes the full range and intensity of her voice. Although I’m sure she has quite a few more tricks still available to her in her vocal bag. As a listener, you get amped when the guitars kick in to emphasize her voice’s power. This song is expertly produced and is anthemic in the sense that it instills us with a “we can do anything” attitude. Why? Because Juliet Callahan has shown us the way and has already done it.

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