Kevin Reith Guides You Down The Rabbit Hole To Music’s Yesteryear With Energetic And Funky ‘Hug The Line’

Kevin RiethPhoto by Jeremy Houtz

From the opening guitar riffs you are hooked and the mood is set. Kevin Reith’s vocals then permeate your ears as you feel the funky energy he infuses into ‘Hug The Line’, and it takes you over. You immediately feel as if you’ve been transported to the pop heavy landscape of the late 1960’s as within Reith’s voice you sense a slight tinge of early Bowie. Reith’s vocal range is pleasing at its core as it soothes you into moving with a calming rhythm.

‘Hug The Line’ really moves as it imbues you with a funkiness that you would attribute to a basement party where you were privy to witnessing a “jam session”. It has a raw and unproduced feeling to it that gives it a beautiful and gritty feel. That contrasts with Reith’s intoxicating and evocative vocals. The track sounds almost as if it’s emanating from an old rickety PA system, complete with cracks and pops, which only further fortifies its authentic sound.

Kevin RiethPhoto by Jeremy Houtz

The band crafted a DIY studio space in San Diego, and that comes across as clear as day in this track. That is meant to be complimentary, because it was that DIY genesis of the song that further strengthens the authentic grit it brings. Reith’s thought process behind this masterful song was one where he wanted to touch upon personal anxieties that comes with trying to find oneself. Sometimes that can be an insurmountable task, and Reith felt a kinship to it as he’s had to deal with many of his own personal struggles. It takes an inherently strong individual to reveal oneself in a song, and with ‘Hug The Line’ Reith has done just that.


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