Kevin the Persian’s Newest Epic Song Is Gloriously Anthemic ‘Rock Is Dead’

Kevin the PersianKevin the Persian / Publicity photo

The title is erroneously misleading as this absolute banger of a song is proof positive that Rock is most assuredly NOT dead. Kevin’s musical stylings are on full display amidst this grandiose song honoring the epic rock songs of the past. It’s chock full of head pounding drums and heartrate accelerating guitar solos. This song is structured with so much pristine care by Kevin that it plays out in a way that sates you but at the same time has you yearning for more.

Kevin grew up listening to the thrash legends of the 80’s and 90’s even citing Metallica’s Master Of Puppets as a driving force behind him first picking up a guitar. You can hear that influence clearly behind every note in this masterful song. Having this song blaring through your speakers is definitely a emphatic way to start your day. Hearing Kevin’s vocal delivery harkens back to that of Rock front men from yesteryear. His voice reminds me a bit of Ian Astbury from The Cult or Neil Fallon from Clutch. In my mind those are top notch vocalists that would instill one with pride to be compared to.

Kevin the PersianKevin the Persian / Publicity photo

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Reading about the genesis of the song off the Southern Dissonance album is intriguing. Kevin already stated where his inspiration comes from, and he went one step further in his recording. Cutting off all access to the outside world as he immersed himself in his own creation. Going back to the days of the 80’s and 90’s that were pre-internet and bands would enter a studio sans distraction as the created masterpieces. Kevin The Persian has clearly followed in those footsteps as he has crafted a song that has the ‘oomph’ behind it to keep it lasting in our minds for years to come.

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