Kinetic Energy Breaks Through Your Eardrums With The Agony’s Latest ‘She Said’

Bad*ss. That is the best word to describe the feeling I got from this monster track from The Agony. This song absolutely oozes attitude. Armed with the type that screams you’re either about to get kicked in the nether regions or punched square in the nose. This band exudes everything that is great about rock & roll. These ladies ARE rock & roll. Unapologetically rock & roll to be more precise. I played back this banger of a song multiple times to really inject myself with the energy they masterfully put into this song.

Now, through the multiple listening sessions of this song I felt surge after surge in my body to headbang or thrash or break something. Not that I’m prone to violence, not in the least, but the gnarly riffs, the battering drumbeat and Nikola Kandoussi’s raspy vocal delivery fills you with that excitable energy you need to release.

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Structurally this feels like a beautiful tip of the cap to rock and metal from yesteryear. From the opening riff I felt as if I was hearing the second coming of Judas Priest. Low and behold though these talented Woman are bringing 100% of themselves with this banger of track. Yeah, you might hear some faint similarities to iconic rock acts, but that’s just showing respect to their influences. From there on out you are on a runaway freight train with The Agony as it’s conductors. You take Petra Pohankova, who is genius providing the aforementioned riffs, toss in the indelible talent of Martina Kajda Balcarova behind the thumping drums, add a dash of rhythm courtesy of bassist Dominika Mrazkova and her immeasurable bass play, and then you pepper it all with the triumphant lyrical prowess of Nikola Kandoussi. Hell, it seems to me you’ve created some magical music, and we are all blessed to bear witness to it. I for one am a bit salty I didn’t get to see this amazing band open for The Scorpions. Well, ladies if you ever play Chicago, it’d be an honor to see you live. Nuff said.

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