Latest Gem From Andy Crowe & The Eisen Family Is Infectiously Energetic ‘Don’t Stay Too Long’

Andy CrowePhoto by Vikki Asker

Take two parts Rock, add a dash of Funk with a pinch of Gospel and you have the energetic hybrid of bombastic energy that is Andy Crowe & The Eisen Family. At least that is what I took away from the latest from them that really knocks. As long time readers know, my mind tends to wander as I immerse myself into new music for the first time. This upbeat tune is no exception. I closed my eyes from jump with this song, and instantly felt myself in a circus tent in the South where a man dressed in Ringleader garb is riling up the audience while Bohemian women are dancing around banging tambourines.

This song is a smorgasbord of goodness. From the rapid opening beat mixed with the tantalizing twang of the guitar you are invited into this majestic world that’s been created and crafted by this amazing band. The lyrics have an anthemic tone to them urging audience members to “Let Go”. To what? Inhibitions? Reservations? Wasted opportunity? Unrequited love? I know art is subjective, so I know this song should be no exception. You take away from it what you will.

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My experience tells me that this song is a musical version of catharsis for whatever might be bothering you in life Something that’ll inspire you to be yourself. To stop fitting into a mold placed about you by other people. The band wide chorus in this song amps up the amazing quality to an insane higher level that one would think that they wouldn’t need to achieve. Proving all naysayers wrong, Andy Crow & The Eisen Family has reached new heights with this instant classic of a song, and I for one will be standing in line to cop their album or see them live should I ever get the opportunity. (They seem to me to be an absolutely amazing music experience to witness live).

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