Let Your Mind Traipse About The Universe Aboard The Soundscapes Of IXZHILION ‘The Final Frontier’

I struggle with the best way to approach the opening of this article. Usually, I hear music and a light goes off in my head guiding me in the best possible direction for my writing. Enter IXZHILION. These guys are so insanely talented, and yet they are creating a musical soundscape unlike any other. They are creating beautiful sounds that can only be attributed to them. Granted they say count Kraftwerk, Neu and a few others as influences, but their sound is their own.

Granted upon first hearing IXZHILION I was taken aback by this new sound that excited and intrigued me like no other. I was still nevertheless inspired. Their brand of music is so trippy and bugged out that I wanted to go into my bedroom, hang up some blacklight posters, light some incense and just BE. Their sound is otherworldly and hits on a deeper level. I ingested this song and imagined that I was barely scratching the surface with what they are about. Reading up on them, IXZHILION proudly states that the music is just a piece of the bigger pie. They also put as much worth into the performance and the visuals. Listening to this engaging piece of ART I can only imagine the majesty of their stage show. Full of laser lights and smoke machines galore. At least that’s my guess.

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Joachim Jarl’s lyrical prowess most certainly sounds as if it belongs among the stars. Mix that with his synth work and you have a powerhouse performer. The catchy riffs courtesy of Shane Colfe and Michael Wozniak provide complimentary layers to the overall soundscape laid out by this song. Bring in the ever-present bass line by care of Luke Walker to add the extra punch to the song. Alas the greatness of this group cannot be discussed properly without a worthy mention of Adam Newton’s driving drums setting the pace. All in all, if these are planning a trip across the universe I want to know where I can get a ticket to ride to The Final Frontier.

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