Liedogs Debut Album ‘To Split The Sea In Two’ Expertly Balances The Line Between Innovating New Sounds And Paying Homage To Rock & Roll Of Old

Liedogs - To Split the Sea in TwoLiedogs / Publicity photo

Gritty and guitar laden rock is what’s on the menu. Heaping helpings of it, so make sure you’ve come with an empty stomach and a full appetite. What Liedogs is placing on your plate is sure to leave you sated. You’ll definitely want a second and perhaps third helping of what Liedogs has created, but you might need to walk off that initial helping first as it is a doozy. They have gifted this world a creating that exemplifies all that is great about rock & roll.

Each song across this masterful track list only gets better and more hard-hitting as the album progresses. This is one of those rare albums where you’ll be giving your ‘skip’ button a much-needed rest as you’ll want to be imbued by this album in its entirety. You’ll want to not skip a emphatic beat of the drums by Kšištof Markevič and his unrelenting play, or pass up the intoxicating and majestic manipulation of the guitar by Paulius Kinderis. The sounds emanating from the guitar seem unearthly at times, and unbelievable to the ears. Aleksandrs Potapovs creates a soundscape through his prodigious bass play. Just when you thought you’ve already been awarded with an abundance of majestic sounds, and you could take no more in comes the extra “oomph” from the second guitar commanded by Agata Karpej. All these beautiful sounds are there to complement the hypnotic and tantalizing lyrical display from the amazing frontwoman Goda Gabalytė.

Liedogs ‘To Split The Sea In Two’ album coverArtwork by Monika Furmana

This group has come together armed with an abundance of talent that allows them to create a musical masterpiece of a debut album for our listening pleasure. So, take my advice and leave the ‘skip’ button alone. Just push play and enjoy the majestic play of Liedogs.

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