Lila Khasanlany Brings With Her An Evocative Fierceness And Intensity With Her Vocal Range ‘That’s Fine, Lila’

Lila KhasanlanyLila Khasanlany / Publicity photo

A woman of many talents is an oft used phrase in society. Normally it’s a phrase people use as a way to self-aggrandize. In this case though it’s clearly evident that Lila Khasanlany is worth her weight in gold. Her range is on full display with this album, but I have a sneaky suspicion that’s there’s a lot left in the tank with this talented vocalist. She brings with her a sound I feel is akin to 90’s alt rock. That was quite a time period for a variety of music, so if in fact that’s where she is drawing some of her inspiration, then that’s a good place to draw from.

Her songs range from a slow burn like ‘That’s Fine, Lila’ which opens subtly before her voice erupts as the songs pace picks up to the aggressively anthemic ‘Knock Knock, Open Up’, which when it reaches its crescendo, you feel as the listener that you are energized with Lila’s magic. There’s a sense of living vicariously through Lila’s voice as one enjoys her songs. At least that’s the effect it had on me. I felt a swell of inspiration listening to her magnificent voice.

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The drums are thunderous throughout this album with a driving beat, and the layered guitars add an extra ‘oomph’ to the songs, but Lila’s voice is the clear standout star attraction of this stellar album. Her voice draws you in, and with unrelenting energy holds on to you as you “must remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop”.  In the current state of the world where people’s attention span is shorter than ever it’s a pleasure to have a banger of an album like this to hold on to our attention for its entire run-time. It’s more than worth your time, and I for one am looking forward to what comes next from this talented musician.

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