Linda release a music video for “Little Prince” and announce new album

Linda is a singer-songwriter from Budapest, Hungary, and she’s sharing her passion about flying in her new music video for “Little Prince” from her upcoming album “Trip to Myself”.

Linda’s single “Little Prince” is from her upcoming full-length album, which will include 11 songs and a bonus track, telling aviation stories with her music. Special pilots, engineers who developed planes, and competition-winning pilots will all be featured in these songs.

AirplanePhoto: Peter John Kiss

While she is the singer and songwriter, Abel Mihalik is the music producer and the one who plays all the instruments. They met online during the pandemic and have been collaborating since then, recording music at Abel’s home studio, rehearsal rooms or wherever possible.

The “Little Prince” main inspiration was Linda’s favorite novel “The Little Prince” by French aristocrat, writer, and military aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In her opinion, this is the most powerful song of her upcoming album “Trip to Myself”.

and see 5 Questions with Linda below.

5 Questions with Linda - RED Rock MagazinePhoto: Peter John Kiss

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Linda: “My weirdest dream I ever had is related to flying. This one was something coming back many times, while I was a teenager. I was still living with my parents in Romania, in a small village, we had some hills around our house. So while living there, I was dreaming many times about flying there, in our backyard with a glider plane from the Romanian National Aeroclub, and I was landing in those little hills or in the streets and the bus coldn’t pass by, because of the glider. Sometimes I was scared, that the wings could tangle in the grapevine near our house. I had this dream before I started actually flying. It is really strange.”

What is one temptation you can never resist?

Linda: “There is no such thing. I have a strong self-control.”

What’s your favorite book or movie?

Linda: “I like to read more, than to watch movies. My favourite book is the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I really liked the Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez. Recently I finished the Slash by Anthony Bozza – Slash autobiography, and I really enjoyed it.”

What is your biggest goal for this year?

Linda: “Uhhh I am having many for this year, but the most important is to stay healthy. On the other hand I want to hold the album physically in my hands, the album in print. And to make all the flying videos for the remaining songs from the Trip to Myself album. I would also like to continue competitions with the Altus Ultra Light plane, and have concerts in summer, BUT all depends on my health. So first of all, I have to take care of that, to be able to make everything happen that is planned.”

The house is on fire, which five things do you grab?

Linda: “My 2 dogs, my Macbook, warm and comfortable shoes and clothes and my wallet.

I always have a little bag-pack ready under my bed or near the entrance, next to the fire extinguisher with the most important things. Some cash, warm clothes and shoes, water and my little first aid kit. So in case of emergency or if I need to go somewhere immediately, and I won’t have time to pack—I could. Have this in hand, without stressing too much about simple things like packing.”

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