Littleuniverses’ outstanding EP ‘Corners’ takes us on a journey through isolation and emotion

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It is difficult to imagine that a young woman who appears so vulnerable could possess such a powerful voice. Yet, Littleuniverses owns a soft and an unforgettable, haunting voice. Nowhere is this more evident than in her first EP – Corners.

Littleuniverses is a Canadian indie rock, pop, and folk singer-songwriter. Her music is influenced by artists such as Nick Cave, NIN, PJ Harvey, and Beach House. Their influence can be heard in Corners. Released on December 4, 2020, Corners offers a taste of Littleuniverses talents in songwriting, singing, and music. The songs are full of emotions that range from loneliness and sadness to happiness and hopefulness.

At the beginning of 2020, Littleuniverses had planned to create an EP featuring 6 songs but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Montreal, she went into isolation as most of the world. It was during this period of quarantine that she experimented with various ideas of what to create. By March, she had written Getting By which was a mix of her emotions at the time, both happy and sad. She continued with her experimentation as the quarantine period became prolonged. Finally in April, she decided to create an album made completely during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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Using only her guitar, keyboard, and a guitar pedal, she challenged herself to create music alone in her apartment. The result was Corners EP featuring 4 songs: Getting By, Isolation, Broken Dreams, and Before it Begins. Each song has its own “unique atmosphere” which came about from her state of mind at the moment of its creation. All images on the cover were shot in her apartment by photographer Alex Kasyan, and she filmed herself for the “Isolation” music video using her own iPhone. Littleuniverses chose 4 songs to represent the 4 corners of her room. Thus, the name Corners for the album. The entire EP was written, composed, and produced in her apartment with producers Zach Ezickson and Scott Jacoby of Eusonia studios helping remotely through video calls. Isolation premiered on YouTube, Apple Music, and Soundcloud on Nov 20th and Corners was released on Dec 4, 2020.

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