Littleuniverses Enters The Scene With A Darkly Cinematic Soundscape That Evokes Myriad Emotions

littleuniverses musicPhoto by Alex Kasyan

I was on the hook after hearing the opening notes of this cinematic piece of beautiful music. I’m a very visual person as readers of my reviews have come to know. I love cinema and seeing beauty on screen. What I love even more than that is to feel a surge of inspiration creep into my mind after hearing a beautifully arranged piece of music.

Littleuniverses has done that and then some. Her voice grabbed me instantly as it felt akin to that of Jane Siberry, who happened to make one of my favorite songs from one of my Top 5 movies. She was the exquisite voice behind “It Can’t Rain All The Time” from The Crow soundtrack.

Now, I always feel a little strange when I compare one artist to another, but should Littleuniverses ever read this piece, trust that I mean this comparison as the highest form of compliment. I think Littleuniverses has an amazing that she has on full display throughout this stellar album. Her construction of this album is so painstakingly layered as it guides the listeners through varying emotions. One moment you are charged with inspiration like I was upon the first listen, and then the next you are more contemplative and reflecting on life as you are lulled into a relaxed state from her intoxicating performance.

She is a maestro of the highest order as she guides you through every twist and turn laid out on this album, and she has partnered with a group of musicians that know no equal. Randal Dunn acts as Producer to help Littleuniverses polish her evocative songs with the aid of Arjan Miranda and cellist Brent Arnold. This collective has proven to be the perfect storm of music as what has churned out of their magic factory is nigh perfect. As I stated in the beginning of this piece that I’m a visual person, and I can see this whole album serving as the soundtrack to a movie as I feel each song holds within it a cinematic feel.


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