Fast Rising Alt Rock Band LIVE WIRE Unleashes Their New Kinetic Single ‘KLONDIKE GIRL’

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Listening to the fast-paced opening drumbeat, a smile emblazoned across my face and my memory was immediately drawn back to 90’s punk and ska-core, which vastly warmed my heart. Once the guitar riff erupted, I was further brought down the proverbial rabbit hole to a time when the musical landscape was varied and vastly more appealing. That’s what Live Wire does, they pull you in with a unique sound that harkens back to their influences from the past, while simultaneously blazing their own trail into the future.

The song’s narrative is one that is as old as time itself, yet with Live Wire’s unique sound and flair they have breathed a refreshing new life into it. It’s a tale of being frustratingly lost and alone with a broken heart to boot. This powerhouse of a single is one that will further cement the group’s place in the current and oft overcrowded music industry as it sets them apart from their peers. Their production is polished yet retains a sense of grime that gives the guitar a particularly “nasty” sound, which is meant in the best possible way. It’s a sound when heard, will make you want to find your way to the nearest mosh pit as you are overtaken by its energy.

The one two punch of the lead singers Alfie Thompson and Louis Glasby engages the listener with their enthralling energy and range. They two energetic vocalists are a winning combination that successfully paint a vivid picture of the narrative tale they are fervently belting out. When brought all together, the masterful combination of energized drums, gnarly guitars, harmonized lead vocals and expertly composed lyrics paint a picture you’ll want to return to again and again.

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If you have yet to “discover” Live Wire, then Klondike Girl is a hell of an introduction for you and will assuredly hook you from the start. If you are already familiar with their music, then strap in and enjoy this banger of a song.


and see 5 Questions with Louis Glasby below.

5 Questions with Louis Glasby - Live Wire - RED Rock MagazinePhoto: Vampire Archives

What inspired you to become a rock musician?

Louis: “I began showing an interest in music around the age of 15 via Oasis who I think for every young music fan are the band that get you stuck into all kinds of other stuff. That was also the year my dad gave me a guitar on account that I had 0 hobbies and needed a talking point beyond cartoons. Think he felt bad for me. So I have him to thank for all of this essentially.”

What’s your favorite venue where you’ve performed live so far?

Louis: “Easily The Voodoo Lounge in Stamford. Always a good time with the best crowds”

What’s your favorite movie and actor?

Louis: “My favourite movie is Shaun of the Dead and my favourite actor is probably Simon Pegg from said film.”

What is your biggest goal this year?

Louis: “To gain a fan base as opposed to a following through way of releasing and gigging consistently; we’re good enough we just have to dig a little deeper.”

What always makes you laugh?

Louis: “My dad. I know the question specifies “what” but honestly who can say if he’s of this world”.



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