Australian Power Trio Liz Dexic Brings The Heaviness With An Exclamation Point ‘Concede’

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Dealing with one’s own mental struggles is a difficult task. Especially when the war that’s being waged inside your head has an outcome that’s beyond your control. It feels as if it’s an exercise in futility to expend too much energy as you see all you’re really trying to do is win a battle of the minds with those people that hold positions of power above you. They use their vast power to manipulate and belittle you. At least that is how Liz Dexic defines the meaning of their epic track ‘Concede’. It’s their way of saying that to overexert yourself on an unwinnable mental battle with people in power is insane.

‘Concede’ is Liz Dexic’s anthemic masterpiece talking about a subject matter that so many of us struggle with, but we don’t voice our opinions on the matter. Its time we make room for this bad**s Australian band to provide the soundtrack for our collective feelings. Their musical tone sets the mood for the angst that’s been percolating under the surface for all of us. By gauging what Liz Dexic’s meaning behind this hard as hell song, I felt yeah, there are a great many times that I waste a great amount of mental energy over things where I have no say in the outcome. This song is Liz Dexic’s way of stressing the point that we shouldn’t worry about such things. That’s a hell of an anthem we can all get behind.

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Musically this banger of a trio is with other greats of the past. The riffs provided by Cameron are heavy as hell mixed in superbly with the lighter intricate chords being played. It’s layered to absolute perfection with the driving and head thumping percussion by way of Simon. Just when you thought the music couldn’t find a higher level of greatness, then in comes the sublime lyrics of Clay, whose voice is pitch perfect for this genre of music. This band and this song especially is a wonderful case of everything clicking. They really have ticked all the boxes with ‘Concede’, and I look forward to whatever comes next from this band.

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