Long Term Parking have released their debut album ‘Luxury Luxury’

Hailing from Brno, Czech Republic, alternative music trio LONG TERM PARKING are kicking off this year with a full-length album titled ‘Luxury Luxury’. This also includes a music video for one of the songs ‘More Than Everything’ as well as a lyric video for ‘All Birds’ Lullaby’.

The Czech alternative trio was formed in 2019, and it took three years to cultivate and fulfill their musical vision. Long Term Parking’s music is a hybrid of hip hop, rock, and alternative pop, with classical and folk influences, creating a highly distinctive sound that will take you by surprise. This band is a way for the experienced musicians to freely express their musical vision with no boundaries and to strive for perfection on this album and future releases. This is one of those modern bands that truly innovates and produces a fresh sound.

Long Term ParkingLong Term Parking / Publicity photo

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Long Term Parking consists of talented songwriters, musicians, and multi-instrumentalists. Libor Koutnik, also known as Kolib is the one responsible for all the synths, samplers, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and backing voices you can hear in this record. As a producer, he has collaborated with post-folklore group Ponk, as well as prominent American bass player Fernando Saunders on his upcoming album. Kolib has also released two solo albums, ‘Aside’ in 2010 and ‘My Own Man’ in 2012.

Christineck (Michal Krystynek), a member of the post-folklore ensemble Ponk, is also a member of Long Term Parking as a vocalist, violinist, and composer. He has two successful albums under his name, ‘Postfolklor’ (2015), which received the Czech Grammy Award, and ‘Diedina’ (2018), which was nominated for the prestigious German Record Critics’ Award.

The Long Term Parking drummer is Pavel Bříza who also played drums for the Czech superstar Karel Gott, and his presence coursed through a variety of other musicians and projects.


All Birds’ Lullaby (Lyric Video)

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