Looking Past the Darkness: Assessing the Past Trying Times With Optimism Of What’s To Come


Woo, we have been on quite the rollercoaster these past few years, hell even the past 12 months. With us coming out the tail-end of the worldwide Coronavirus catastrophe, to the tumultuous war raging in Ukraine, to the horrid white nationalist no longer hiding in the shadows and pushing their egregious racist agenda with an unearned sense of boldness, to cops still killing Black and Brown people for myriad unjustified reasons, there is still a sense of hope for the future.

Coming out of all the aforementioned horrible situations, there has been a sense of hope due to the fallout of said situations. Now, after all these horrible murders of Black and Brown people, there has been a swell of support from the masses. Now people, who might have otherwise turned a blind eye to social injustices are standing up and showing up to call out those that are pushing racist agendas and BS white superiority propaganda. The worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus has instilled a feeling of empathy in people that might have been prior unmoved by other’s suffering. The worldwide support of the “underdog” country Ukraine as they stand opposed to Russia is unprecedented. Granted some of these can be poorly miscategorized and treated as “trends”, which in a lot of ways they are, but when millions of people latch on to a subject for the length of a news cycle, there are still numerous people who stick with it after others have moved on. Those are the ones that have been affected by what they’ve learned so much so that they keep fighting the good fight.

All in all, there is still racism running rampant, the war in Ukraine is still raging, the Coronavirus is still affecting people, but now the numbers of the groups that are fighting against all of that and helping to spread awareness. People are not treating these instances as trends and are now seeing them as what they truly are. Situations that are of a grander scale and need ongoing opposition. That is where the hope for the future lies. With those people. The ones that have taken the blinders off and continuously stand against all those that are damaging humanity’s chance at a bright future.


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