LOVE GHOST Set To Shock The System With Anthemic New Song ’Цепи’

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In a hard hitting track that has balls in abundance, Love Ghost doesn’t ask for permission to be played. NO, instead they tear the door off the hinges, kick out the Program Director, and crank the system up to 11. This song is so badass and full of energy, that it gives the listener the impulsivity needed to rush head first into a mosh pit with reckless abandon. Love Ghost isn’t here to conform to any sense of style and structure that they themselves don’t believe in. They unapologetically are not going to be put into a box. This song oozes with that sense of gravitas that’s needed in music.

Stylistically this song reminds of the harder edged music to get you going during a late night skate session in downtown Chicago evading the cops. At least for me it did. It has that “oomph” to it fills you with bravado. With this hyper energized song Love Ghost goes full throttle as they tackle the topic of breaking free from chains left behind by life’s trauma. Instead of suffering through past traumas and hardships, they are instead rebelling against and overcoming those obstacles. This is just a taste of the new music from Love Ghost as they take aim at the music world with both barrels.

Sonically Love Ghost is on another level with this latest track. It’s a hauntingly beautiful hybrid of trap, hard rock and industrial rap with a standout guest verse from Vollny, and if you know of his music, then you’ll be most appreciative of his stylings here. Finnegan Ball energetic delivery of impactful lyrics help fortify the feeling behind the song, while Daniel Alcala’s pulse pounding drums and guitars set the pace with Ryan Stevens’ bass and Cory Batchler’s keys round out Love Ghost’s stylized sound.


and see 5 Questions with Finnegan Bell below.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your favorite weapon, and where would you seek shelter?

Finnegan: “I would kill two birds with one stone and get a motor home. I could use it as both a weapon (driving over zombies) and also as shelter. Big brain moment”

What’s your favorite movie and genre?

Finnegan: “I have alot of favorite movies but I’ll go with a place beyond the pines , the imaginarium of dr Parnasus (idk if that’s the right spelling) and the Florida project . I think my favorite movies are drama and fantasy . But honestly I like all genres as long as they’re good.”

What are five things you can’t live without?

Finnegan: “My headphones , my imagination , my guitar, my laptop and water . Lol .”

What is the most badass animal in the wild in your opinion?

Finnegan: “That’s a really good question. I think I’ll say gorillas. Because they don’t go out looking for trouble but if need be they could break anyone in a few seconds.”

What is your biggest goal this year?

Finnegan: “I have a lot. It’s really important to always grow and learn more on the way. This year, I hope to double our Instagram, hopefully get a million monthly listeners and get a gold record :)”



This song has different versions featuring seven different artists in six countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and the United States.



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