Love Ghost’s ‘Tell Me When’ Combines Multiple Genres To Form A Musical Treasure

I say treasure, because this song, and in a broader sense Love Ghost themselves are in fact a treasure. To successfully exist in one genre of music yet seamlessly maneuver into another is a true testament of a band’s talent. Love Ghost does this with multiple genres which is mind boggling. Front man Finnegan Bell has said that their music is just their “storytelling of the things happening in their lives at that moment”, and “these songs, to me, are really all threaded together by time. We are in an insane period of history, so therefore we are writing some insane music.”

Finnegan was most definitely not selling his band short. They are storytellers in the truest sense of the word. Each of the songs are threaded together with an intriguing narrative. ‘Цепи’ spoke about breaking the chains of trauma, whereas ‘Tell Me When’ is about having your thoughts locked on someone and wondering if you are living rent free in theirs as well. That situation is one that we CAN ALL relate with and is in itself traumatic.

Love GhostPhoto by Dan Bell

The LA based band has kept busy throughout 2021 as they have been releasing a slew of singles. Each as catchy and invigorating as the last. ‘Tell Me when’ is no exception as it starts out low and slow with a deceptively calming pace that compliments Finnegan’s verse, before the drums speed up, and the song erupts into a pop punk chorus that infects the audience with boundless amounts of energy. Fills them with an invigorating sense of belonging. To what? Belonging to the movement Love Ghost is leading. The movement of non-conformity. The movement of embracing life’s insanity. The movement of taking whatever life’s traumas that are thrown your way, laughing at them, and giving them the middle finger.




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