Lucifers Beard’s Newest Single “Shake On the Floor” Looks to Move Past Limits

Lucifers BeardLucifers Beard / Publicity photo

After the pandemic shut down gigs and events, Lucifers Beard (Chris Barnes, a one-man band), took to his UK-based home studio to “lyrically vent at the world.” The result? Lucifers Beard’s new single “Shake On The Floor” which was released on April 4, 2022.

Focusing on themes of control (or lack of it), “Shake On The Floor” pushes back against limitations. Building off of guitar-based influences like Mars Volta, Queens of the Stoneage, and the Beatles, Barnes has created a sound described as “tight and strong” as well as a combination of “weight and energy.” For Barnes, the “tempo and aggression of this song probably says a lot about my views on the world over the last few years.”

Lucifers Beard is releasing “Shake On The Floor” to do “what felt right to me,” without culturally-imposed limitations. Barnes added that this song is the result of frustration with the world, and “this is my [way] of venting some of that feeling.”

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While Lucifers Beard has included other musicians for live productions and performances in the past, the song was written and recorded entirely by Barnes at home (funded with money saved for home improvements, perhaps to his girlfriend’s chagrin), with Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) mastering the track.

No doubt, the confines of the pandemic led to many such expressive artistic ventures, and for Lucifers Beard, releasing “Shake On The Floor” allows Barnes to feel like he’s “halfway out of the dark” and continuing to push past limits.

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