Alt Rock Band LUNARCODE Blesses Audiences With One of Their Latest Singles ‘Parasite’

LunarcodeGina Elizondo

This article’s headline hit the nail on the head by referring to ‘Parasite’ as blessing, which it surely is. This track is so infectiously catchy and upbeat that is will no doubt garner Lunarcode was a deserved mass appeal without alienating their core audience. Lunarcode brings with them refreshing hybrid of pop and rock, that they effortlessly mesh and form a refreshing sound unique to them with a tinge of the inspirations they draw from.

The song bursts into your eardrums with drummer Jason Booth’s fast paced beat, and Ronny Minuche’s tone setting rhythmic guitar play. That’s when Vincenzo Carubia’s laid back and uber cool voice makes audible love to the audience. The pace and structure of this song is beyond masterful as the finished product has the merit to be put up against any song in the annal’s of pop rock history, as opposed to a run of the mill track that has a better chance of landing in a record store’s bargain bin than standing the test of time. Lunarcode, although a band newly formed amidst the pandemic, has what it takes to be a long-lasting musical mainstay.

LunarcodeLunarcode / Publicity photo

Lunarcode has not only blessed audiences with their catchy new track, but has accompanied it with a stylish music video that pays homage to “atomic scare” sci-fi films of the 1950’s. The visuals are so well put together, that they not only lend credence to the strength of the band’s lyrics and production value but fortify how much of a musical powerhouse that Lunarcode is destined to be. Much like monsters in the 1950’s “atomic scare” movies invaded cinema screens, Lunarcode is set to invade our airwaves for years to come. In the best possible way of course.



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