Luxe release a hard-hitting pop rock album titled “Get Over Yourself”

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Luxe is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has recently released his new album “Get Over Yourself” with a number of hard-hitting and catchy pop rock tunes with hooks that will get stuck in your head.

“Get Over Yourself” is a very energetic and not at all typical pop rock album. Luxe has his own innovations, and this record include flavors of various genres. In “heartless”, you can hear heavy and groovy guitar riffs, and sweet-sounding acoustic guitar in “common ground”. He’s also very diverse in the vocals department, having the ability to sing melodic pieces as well as rap. It all just fit in perfectly with the album’s overall sound. You can tell that Luxe wanted this album to have a variety of styles, so listeners would be entertained to the fullest.

He knows how to write a catchy song, and these songs were written, and produced entirely by Luxe, with co-writing contributions from Nick Toews and Jake Barnes. If you’re not too conservative about music, you’ll enjoy Luxe’s new album.

Luxe musicLUXE / Publicity photo

Luxe has been touring a lot in North America last several years, sharing the stage with musicians such as Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Wu-Tang Clan, Fetty Wap, and others. The 7-track original album “Get Over Yourself” has already surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, it’s doing well and Luxe deserves that.

If we had to pick three favorite songs from this album, they would be “LA girls”, “toxic” and “heartless”. Listen to the album yourself and see 5 Questions with Luxe below.


5 Questions with Luxe - RED Rock Magazine

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Luxe: “I once had a dream Kodak Black stabbed me in the neck. Not even sure what I did to deserve it.”

What keeps you going during really difficult times?

Luxe: “Music, friends/family, my girlfriend… my dog and cat. The fear of being stabbed in the neck.”

What’s your favorite book or movie?

Luxe: “Favourite movie is probably Interstellar or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I don’t really know what my favourite book is. I read a lot… I tend to read a lot of musician/band biographies. I just finished reading Dave Grohl’s most recent biography. ”

What song always takes you back to your teenage years?

Luxe: “Anything off of Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday”

What is something you think should be illegal?

Luxe: “Not returning your shopping cart. Shout out Cart Narcs.”



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