Madame Neptune Oozes With A Soulful And Cinematic Sound In Their Latest ‘Shine’

Smoke billows from cigarettes as it settles into a thick layer that wafts throughout the room. Each cocktail table is adorned with a black tablecloth. At this speak easy styled nightclub there sits women and men adorned in fancy cocktail dresses and suits. On stage there is Madame Neptune captivating the audience with a lone spotlight shining on them drawing further attention to their magnetic performance. These are the images I concocted in my head as I immersed myself into the engaging song ‘Shine’, which is why I described it as a cinematic sound. The song screams for visuals to accompany it.

Now, there are already visuals accompanying the song. They already have a beautiful shot music video for ‘Shine’, which is more than befitting of it. Beautifully filmed and edited. The visuals give it an otherworldly feel which definitely compliments the song. The scene I generated in my head was simply my initial thoughts after hearing the song and before watching the video. I ingested this song the way I did as to not have the music video influence my thoughts on the song. This two-person group is powerful by themselves as they both play several instruments just by themselves. It gives the feel of a full band so much so that you’d be surprised to learn it’s a duo.

MADAME NEPTUNE / Publicity photo / Eulenherz Artwork

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The vocal range is enough to send chills up your spine as it harkens back to Amy Winehouse or Adele. If you want to venture further back and you take the bluesy soulfulness into account, you’d hear the influence of Billie Holiday. Those are some remarkable vocalists to find yourself in the company of. Liss Eulenherz has the vocal abilities to summon any of those greats to further emphasize the power of her lyrics. This group is a powerhouse I am here for, and Liss quoted the incomparable Jack Burton in one of her interviews, so that makes her beyond alright in my eyes.

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