MARBLE release a powerful love song ‘Bleed Me Out’

MARBLEPhoto by Andrew Shephard @ Lost Fox Creative

Seattle/Portland-based MARBLE release their third of four singles ‘Bleed Me Out’, and announce their debut LP ‘The Shadow In Me’, that will become available this summer on July 15th, 2022.

One of the best activities in life for finding answers or resetting your thoughts is by watching the fire burn or the water flowing. I wanted to mention this because it relates to this song, that’s how ‘Bleed Me Out’ was born. It was when the lead singer Chantel was watching a fire pit at her childhood home and the great love song came to life. This song is about many things, it’s complicated, same as love. To name a few, fear can prevent us from making the necessary decisions when we choose comfort or security out of fear. It’s about self-sacrifice, and exhaustion, a decades-long relationship that lived and died slowly. We must ‘bleed out’ and let everything go in order to be free in our bodies and minds.

MARBLE bleed me outAndrew Shephard @ Lost Fox Creative

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One of the key reasons that make ‘Bleed Me Out’ such a fantastic song is not just Chantel’s wonderful singing, but also the amazing guitar work. This song wouldn’t be as powerful without the guitar parts that intertwine with vocals and pierce your heart. The sound is dark, as it should be, but with a few rays of light shining through. Without a doubt, it’s one of the finest love songs I’ve ever heard.



Chantel and Matthew, the band’s members, began performing together around 6 years ago in Seattle. With the Wade brothers contributing, William on drums and TJ on synthesizers, they’ve evolved into a larger and better version of MARBLE. They are a completely independent group that collaborated with friends and other artists to produce the album, music videos, and just about everything else. They will reach an important turning point this year. They are now releasing a series of singles that are accompanied by music videos, and they’re going to make a big leap on July 15th with the release of their first full-length album ‘The Shadow In Me’.

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