MARBLE Impresses With Intense And Emphatic Exploration Of Mental Health ‘Quiet Mind’

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Marble batters down the gates of your mind as the come in with a visceral attack as they masterfully explore mental health issues in their latest ‘Quiet Mind’. The band itself was born out of the infinitely long Pandemic and Quarantine period, a time when a lot of people had….well, TIME to look at their own mental health. MARBLE has done just that in an extremely entertaining fashion. When one hears the backstory of their genesis and the birth of this magnificent song, then all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Matthew Blount and Chantel Bailey are the masterminds behind this musical force and have brought both of their immense talents to the table as they craft this intoxicating song that thematically resonates with a great many people during this time. We all are dealing with mental health issues of some form or another, many of which have been around for quite some time but have gone undiagnosed. When artists like MARBLE lay their hearts and souls on the line to compose enduring music, that helps spark the much-needed conversation that has long gone unspoken. Now we are in a time when the stigma of mental health has been lifted and is now widely used in the common lexicon.

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Now onto the very important part of this article. To talk about the music itself. Well, I am hard pressed finding words more fitting other than gripping, evocative, emotive, and intense. This song grabs a hold and shakes you awake to the issues previously discussed. Chantel Bailey’s voice is one that is damn near incomparable. It’s beautiful and harmonic as she leads the audience down the narrative path of “Quiet Mind”. Her tenor reminds me a bit of Shirley Manson. I hope she takes that as the highest of compliments should she read this. Matthew Blount’s guitar play is majestic and adds the right amount of intensity and “oomph” to the track. Blount’s and Bailey’s guitar work is the perfect seasoning of atmospheric energy to bring out the “chef’s kiss” that is “Quiet Mind”. MARBLE just might be the best band you’ve never heard of, but if the universe provides, then their talent will ensure that you will.

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