Martin Smith’s Newest Addition To The Musical Playing Field ‘Dancing In The Fire’ Is As Epic Sounding As Is Expected

Martin SmithAndrew Whitton

I wanted to use the adjective epic to describe this boombastic album, but I think grand might be a more appropriate word. This album just has THAT feeling. The one where epic AND grand are both appropriate. This album has a sense of gravitas plastered all over it. It is literally oozing Martin Smith’s spirituality which he infuses into every lyric. This is an album that will assuredly uplift the most downtrodden of us. You feel the energy Smith into this musical outpouring surging throughout your body as you take it all in.

Martin Smith imbues all of his 30 plus year career into this, what you could possibly call his Opus. It’s a majestic collection of music that is masterfully composed. Smith’s voice comes with a delivery akin to Bono. It’s grandiose and exhilarating. His energy that he’s left imprinted throughout this album is undoubtedly infectious. This is pop-rock at it’s finest combined with the correct dose of synths to go along with the expert guitar play, and pulsating drums. I wager that not one person could remain unmoved with this music regardless of what their relationship with the subject matter. If you know of Martin Smith, then you know how his faith is interwoven into all his musical outlets. This album is no different, but the energy he has blessed the world with through this album is palpable.


The creation of this album was a family affair in every sense of the word. Martin said this album was born from a time of reflection where he spent time at home with his family during lockdown. He even recorded some of the album with his daughter Elle Limebear. This is a deeply personal album of personal self reflection for Smith, and that sounds through every second of this treat of an album.

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