Mass Shootings And What Measurements Are Needed To Combat Them

Mass Shootings, Assault rifle

April 20, 1999. That was the date of the Columbine school shooting. A date that was supposedly going to mark how America policed gun ownership going forward. How they would limit the accessibility to guns by people that had no business having access to guns. Given that there has been over 169 people killed in mass shootings since then its safe to say that no workable changes have been made. Why is that? Probably because American policy makers like their guns, and don’t like to be told what to do with them.

In 1996 there was a mass school shooting in Scotland, and afterwards strict gun laws were implemented on who could own guns, what kind of guns, and also strict vetting of people working with children. Since then, there have been 0 mass shootings in Scotland. That was 22 years ago, and those laws that were immediately instilled in response to the 1996 shooting has worked without failure at quelling mass shootings. America, no strict gun laws, and to this day we are still dealing with this epidemic. In the past month there has been numerous mass shootings. First in Buffalo, when a white supremacist entered a grocery store with an AR15 and opened fire killing ten people and wounding 3 more. Of the victims 11 were Black. This was a clearly racially motivated case. Then in Texas 21 people were murdered including 19 young students and 2 teachers. The shooter went on a spree that lasted over 90 minutes while the police stood outside afraid to enter the school as parents pleaded for their children’s safety. These are the people employed by the same American government that regulates gun laws. They are hired to protect and serve. To that end they failed miserably. They are cowards with a badge. (poor police hiring is a whole other issue that needs addressing.)

In this man’s opinion there are many things that need to be put into play in order to stop these needless massacres from occurring. First, remove the policy makers from office. Like those same police in Texas who were hired to serve and protect, they have failed at their jobs. Vote more progressively minded individuals into office who care more about the lives of individuals as opposed to the almighty dollar the gun industry brings to the economy instead of the archaic white men that occupy many of those policy making seats and want the money generated from gun sales to keep lining their pockets as people, mostly Black and Brown, are being murdered at exponential rates. They have proven they care more about dollar signs than lives.

Secondly, once the policy makers are given the boot, actually change the laws. Instill stricter rules regarding who can own guns. Have requirements like extensive background checks, mental health checks and criminal history checks. See who these people seeking to buy guns are affiliated with. Actual vet them before handing over AR15’s. That man in Buffalo has close knit ties to white supremacist organizations, so it wasn’t a surprise that he targeted Black people in a supermarket. If he had been vetted to begin with, he never would have gotten his hands on that gun to begin with.

Third, implement stronger security in schools. Where do we get them from you ask? Hire veterans, ones who have cleared all mental health checks, and allow them to protect our children at the schools. A lot of veterans are unceremoniously forgotten by the government once their service is done as they are no longer seen as having any value, which is sad because these men and women have put their lives on the line in wars that those same policy makers are benefitting from. This way, these men and women, who might be struggling to find employment after service, can now be steadily employed by using their training to protect people instead of being forgotten by society (that’s another issue all together). Anyway, this is all just my opinions on some of the issues that are plaguing American society. Take from it what you will.


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