MDK FLA, led by Matthew Cobis release a heavy and diverse album ‘ZEROTIME’

Matthew Cobis

One of the most recent albums from Matthew Cobis, ‘ZEROTIME’, is heavy and a mixture of different genres. Many people will be surprised when they press the play button because he just recently started making music.

Listening to this album is like watching a movie. It is undoubtedly incredibly cinematic, with sonic effects that are pure audio bliss. The ripping guitars fit perfectly for both the acoustic drum sound and electronic. It was not long ago when Matthew Cobis decided to start making music. What you hear is the result of his talent and his influences which are widely diverse. You’ll be shocked, and some of you will feel awful about yourselves, to learn that he only began making music one year ago, in 2021, when he was 42 years old. With five albums to his credit in such a short period of time, “ZEROTIME” is a true gem that many rockers and fans of energetic music will appreciate.

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Matt had no experience, couldn’t read music or play any musical instrument, but it was March 17th 2021 when he started to put together the first beats on a Chrome extension. He’s letting us know that first pieces were not that good, but he continued making songs and eventually everything started to fall in place. His interest in the process of making music made him to keep doing it, and as we all know, practice makes perfect.

With ‘ZEROTIME’ as his recent rock/metal album, Matthew Cobis has also released a hip hop/dance music album ‘Chaotic Good’, and his most mainstream album so far, ‘BlackStar’. Who knows what else is in store for us this year and years to come, so let’s keep an eye out for updates. This man is ACES!

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