Medivh Releases A New Beautifully Filmed Music Video Dripping With Atmosphere ‘PIETRA’

I struggle to find a word that aptly describes the new song and accompanying music video gifted to us by the mesmerizing ‘Medivh’. It’s not that I have a lack of words. I’m never at a shortage in that department. It’s that I want to find the choicest word that best describes what I have just witnessed with my eyes and ears. The two words that stand head and shoulders above all others are epic and grandiose. That is the feeling I got from this amazing masterwork of music. It really is a symphony of wonders for all to enjoy.

To have composed such a thing of beauty it is only apropos that it has a cinematic visual feast to keep our eyes engaged. Those two mediums together complimented each other so perfectly that it’s hard to imagine them apart. From the opening notes I was drawn in. It’s as if Medivh scored a short film, or a short film was created for “Pietra”. Tecla Patreni directed the video with such talent and grace that it couldn’t be imagined any other way. The cinematography is majestic.

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The song is structurally put together like a beautiful piece of art should be, which is what this glorious sounding composition is. Medivh is most assuredly a group that belongs on your heavy rotation playlist if what you enjoy vibing out to is cinematic scores. I could turn this on, close my eyes, and have worlds created in my head due to their musical beauty. Although, I’m not sure if my imagination could conjure up anything nearly as breathtaking as the video they’ve already created. If you have not yet indulged yourself in the wonders of Medivh, then what are you really doing with your life.

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