Mesmerizing Mash-Up Of Musical Styles Builds To A Infectious Crescendo ‘Venganza Del Fantasma’

Love GhostLove Ghost / Publicity photo

What do you get when you take four artists that span the globe and unleash them in a studio with an acclaimed producer with the collective goal of coming up with mind-blowing music. Well, to put it simply, you get your mind blown. I’ve come across quite a wide array of music in my day and am always pleased when I find something that is so fresh and new that I feel almost guilty that I’m listening to it. Like I’m not worthy. That it’s too good.

I’m always going to proudly wave the flag for any artist that is going to bend genres to their whim and create something new, and in this case that is exactly what is going on. To think you could have four distinctive personalities come from four different places in the world and unite under one common cause, which is to make good music. Damn that, it’s to make great music, which ‘Love Ghost’ has done and then some. They’ve gifted the listening world a brand of music that can’t be shoved into a box or categorized as they have created wildly different sounds for each song. Ha, I just now saw the symmetry of that. Four members, four different parts of the world, four songs, four distinctive styles and sounds. That’s f’n beautiful.

It also seems that on this masterful piece of artwork they seem to be talking about four different mental disorders. ‘Ghost Town’ delves into battling one’s own demons, while the narrator behind ‘Inferno’ is a psychopath. ‘AL13N’ speaks about being an outcast from society, and finally ‘Pick Myself Apart’ is a deep dive into the mind of a hopeless romantic. That’s a whole lot of heavy subject matter to cover, and ‘Love Ghost’ simply shines in that role. They also shine in a way a lot of artists tend to fail, that is on how to share the wealth as they bring on some heavy-hitting talents to help escalate this EP to “greatness” status. Helping ‘Love Ghost’ to reach that level is Santa RM, Chicano legend Conejo, Vanity Vercetti and her indelible voice, and Lou Carnago with his Spanish Pop stylings. If this lineup doesn’t whet your whistle, then I don’t know what to say. More music like this needs to be heard, but then if more artist tried sounding like this it would take away from ‘Love Ghost’, who are a band on their own level.

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