Chicago-based Band Michelles Releases Good Feeling Track That Inspires Hope ‘Can We Get A Smile’

MichellesPhoto by Chuck Pryzbal

From jump I was elated to write this article. First off being born and bred in Chicago I was geeked to write about a Chicago band. Then, when I first heard them and I was digging what they were putting down, well that just sealed the deal. Then, when I read up on Michael Daly, and the hurdles he’s had to overcome to get his music out into the world, that just put things over the moon for me.

Here is a man that has worked painstakingly hard to achieve his vision only to have people drop off, some for no apparent reason, when they seemed to be on board with what Michael wanted to create. As an artist, especially one that collaborates, that can be extremely frustrating. I’m a independent filmmaker and save for my core group of brothers/collaborators/partners I’ve had myriad people quit on me in the past as they didn’t share my vision. It seems like Michael has dealt with much of the same stresses. He’s kept his focus and wits about him as he charged ahead steadfast with the music he wanted to make. With ‘Can We Get A Smile’ he has apparently done so in style.

Listen to ‘Can We Get A Smile’ on Spotify

In a case of fate, after he had recorded nearly every sound of his music, he started collaborating with another visionary in Ryan Farnham, who took over the drums which was a beautiful addition to help transform the music. It took these two musical geniuses coming together to create an eclectic style of music that I found akin to 60’s/70’s rock a la Bowie. To when music had a happier vibe to it. Even the genesis of this song comes from a beautifully positive place. Upon hearing behind him the words ‘Can We Get A Smile’ uttered, Michael assumed the worst but was pleasantly surprised to just see someone snapping a picture. This showed him that” sometimes our assumptions are wrong, and maybe everything is ok, except when it’s not, and all we can do is wait for the big surprise.” That’s a nice sentiment, and one that informs this catchy and upbeat song. The artist being from Chicago is just icing on the cake.

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