Mike Stoyanov’s Latest Will Leave Your Heart Pumping In Overdrive Like An Adrenaline Shot ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’

Mike StoyanovMike Stoyanov / Photo by Pete O'Shea

If in life you’ve ever fantasized about strutting down the street like Tony Manero accompanied by the Bee Gee’s iconic song or felt pumped watching Wooderson walk through the pool hall in Dazed & Confused as Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane” blares, but felt you needed a soundtrack that fit YOU, well here it is. This emphatic and upbeat track instills a lion’s share of confidence in you and is assuredly befitting the moniker of “Your Soundtrack For The Summer”. ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ has the inane ability to boost your confidence to Herculean levels.

It’s that type of song you want accompanying you as you take that next step in life. The leave out on your own type of step. The go out into the great unknown without a safety net type of step. If this were an MCU movie, Mike Stoyanov’s power would be to give people the confidence to chase their dreams. ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ does just what it says on the tin. Going after what you want no matter how hard it is. Following your dreams man, who can’t get behind a sentiment like that.

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Musically, this is as hyper-charged as it gets. The opening beat harkens back to the sounds of Rockabilly before setting more into the realm of The Strokes type inspiration. His guitar riffs are energetic and upbeat, and his vocal range has that feel good tinge to it. Especially when he ends a verse with a higher note. Mike Stoyanov has really tapped into the cultural zeitgeist with this one. After two years of miserable times with the Pandemic, crashing world economies, and war, a song like ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ comes along to fill us up with hope of better days ahead and attainable dreams which we might’ve once thought were out of our reach.

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