Mo Douglas takes you on a psychedelic trip in ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’

Mo DouglasPhoto by Mariya May

Mo Douglas, a Portland, OR-based musician, has released a new single ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’, a follow-up to his album ‘Fry The Onion Gently’ from 2021.

Mo Douglas’ latest single ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’ keeps you moving, gets your heartbeat rockin’, and your day rollin’. It’s a cinematic track that will transport you to a Tarantino film. This piece of music is trying hard to hypnotize you since it keeps sticking to its core theme and adding yummy layers till the very end. If you’re driving your car, press the play button right now and receive instant satisfaction.

Listen to ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’ on Spotify

Douglas is a multi-instrumentalist of Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Co. and his music is a combination of nostalgic vibes, garage rock, psychedelia, funk, and general aesthetic inspirations from the mid-20th Century’s music and film. With eight albums and a number of singles under his belt, he’s remained steadfast in his vision, with each new record marking a step forward in his musical career.

‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’ is produced and performed by Mo Douglas and is available on all major music platforms since April 9, 2022 via Ten Dollar Recording Co.

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