Modern Day Outlaw Jumps Straight Out Of A Gritty Western Landscape And Into Our Eardrums ‘March Of The Sheep’

Modern Day OutlawPhoto by Rhett Poderoso

Upon pressing play on “March Of The Sheep’ I felt I was transported into a dusty backdrop in the Old West where I’m witnessing a montage of an Outlaw gang ransacking through a sleepy town. I say all that to say that Modern Day Outlaw is extremely cinematic sounding, and this song in particular screams to be part of a big screen epic. It has that feel and it exudes it with every riff and drumbeat. Ron Brown vocalizes with expert precision.

Modern Day Outlaw brings the exact right amount of energy to the airwaves as they belt out this anthemic beast of a song that sheds light on the force-feeding of the divisive political landscape that is being rammed down the throats of the  masses. ‘March Of The Sheep’ points a spotlight on the schism that is being created through this as it gets bigger on a daily basis. The tumultuous water of the American political landscape always makes for good fodder when it comes to artists drawing inspiration from it. This case is no different as Modern Day Outlaw pulls no punches with their commentary of homelessness, government oppression society’s thirst for greed.

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Now onto the main course of this remarkable track. The music. Where to begin? First to have a narrator the likes of Ron Brown act as the voice we’ve all needed as he masterfully traverses the hard-hitting topics behind this track is a definite plus. He’s quite the ringleader of this showcase. Just beyond that acting in symphony is the unmatchable triumvirate force of guitars being energized with Sergio “Knuckle Up” Cesario’s rhythmic stylings, Jake “NickleSack” Nicholson’s driving chords at lead and Rob “Funkenstein” Palladino’s indelible and ever-present bassline. The icing on this delectable cake of Modern Day Outlaw must be Kirk “Beast” Sarmento’s emphatic battering of the drums as he keeps perfect pace. All in all, this is a formidable quintet that has the chops to maintain their credibility in the long haul of the musical landscape, so you’d be best served to give them a listen.

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