Mojo X is here with a catchy track ‘Oolong’ and two new remixes

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Mojo X is a solo producer from Brighton, UK who creates flavorful music with a blend of live instruments, synthesizers, and sampled vocals. It’s a fusion of modern and traditional sounds that clash and provide us, the listeners, a great soundtrack for everyday life.

New ideas will ultimately emerge if you pick a great beat and a nice theme and put them on loop. That’s how the process of creating “Oolong” began when Mojo X was experimenting with some beatbox loop samples. What began as a loop gradually evolved into a lovely piece layer by layer. Mojo X is working on everything by himself, and “Oolong” was totally produced in his Brighton home studio using Ableton Live. The release also includes two remixes of the previous singles “Kombucha” and “Jasmine”.

When there are repetitive elements in music, something magical happens. It allows you to go great distances in your imagination and, in a sense, stops time. When you listen to “Oolong”, it doesn’t shock you or make you feel numb, instead, it makes you feel at once relaxed and focused. You’ll probably enjoy Mojo X’s music as much as I do, so hit the play button and let the music in.

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2018 saw Mojo X make his debut with the song “Gimme Your Love”. Later that year, four songs from the debut album “Xentropy”, including “Move Your Body,” “Stare Into My Eyes,” “And You Don’t Stop”, and “Want Me” were featured on BBC Introducing. Fast forward to May 2022, the previous single release “Jasmine” aired on Voice FM Southampton.

Mojo X draws influence from a number of artists, including classic Blues and Jazz performers like Muddy Waters and Charlie Mingus as well as modern LoFi acts like Idealism and Jinsang, giving him the groundwork to create music in his distinct manner. “Oolong” is the final part of the Chinese Tea trilogy following recent new singles “Kombucha” and “Jasmine”. With that chapter closed, other artistic endeavors may now flourish. Keep an eye out for updates.

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