Molosser release ‘UNSOLID’ from ‘Barebones Sessions’

Molosser© Evil Ear

In a musical landscape of overly produced assembly line material MOLOSSER gives the world their newest musical treat ‘UNSOLID’ from their ‘Barebones Sessions’.

Molosser, a Swedish duo has brought into the musical world’s collective ears a downright gem of musicality. They have composed and arranged a beautiful piece of music that causes listeners to recall the yesteryear days where albums weren’t conceived by a slew of different producers. This standout of an album is as stripped down as one could get, without all the unnecessary flash, pizzazz and fluff that far too many artists are reliant on. No, this duo allows their musical stylings to speak volumes for them, and that volume is turned up to 11, which is ironic seeing as the album is acoustic.

I say that last statement because it is the energy they leave on the track “Unsolid”. Their masterful working of their instruments hints to roots of a harder and edgier electrical guitar edge. Jahn plays with such fervent hand movements, that it makes you feel as if he is playing for an arena, as opposed to the empty barn in the accompanying music video. That energy, along with Tess’ energetic vocal range shouts “edgy”.


It’s clear throughout this energetic and captivating piece where the duo draws inspiration from. With hints of blues and jazz strewn into every chord of this beautiful composition. Their album in its entirety is very atmospheric, and dare I say cinematic, which is nowhere more apparent than in the video for ‘Unsolid’. From the ever present “bird people” to the mood setting surroundings, this song feels as though it would fit just perfectly amidst a soundtrack of a 70’s road movie, or a gripping Western. It’s mood and tone brings the listeners into Molosser’s musical universe.


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