NY Based Punk Band MONTE Erupts Onto The Punk Scene With New Song & Video Dripping With Rage & Angst ‘I Hate Me More’

Talk about a beautiful juxtaposition of a music video that perfectly complements a hard-edged song. ‘I Hate Me More’ blasts you in the face with both barrels and doesn’t ask for forgiveness afterwards. They kick in the doors of suburban life with the visuals for this one. In a “lock your doors and don’t answer the phone” moment they triumphantly cement their place in this serene environment. It’s ironic that they are seemingly bursting into this quiet and quaint little neighborhood, disrupting the peace with their “personal issues”, when in actuality all the “personal issues” they have exist within that quiet neighborhood. It’s their self-awareness that brings the underlying issues to light. That’s my interpretation at least.

Musically Monte is a ball-to-the-wall Punk with a capital P. If you have even the slightest of inklings towards that genre of music, then you will be above-the-moon pleased with this offering. If you’re new to the genre, then this will be a hulluva introduction for you. One that will leave a lasting impression on you as you dig further into the crates looking up other goodies to quench your newly formed thirst for punk.

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Caitlin Montclare is a beyond impressive frontwoman that commands attention with her high energy and rough guitar riffs. She can’t help but to impress with her masterful command of her instrument as well as her aggressive vocal delivery. Through adding drummer Ismael Baiz, Monte had the right amount of pounding speed behind the drum kit to up the intensity of the song.  Finally, to perfect this three-headed monster of a punk band Meghan Rose comes in with some gnarly bass play and impresses with a stellar bass solo. You can hear their love for the genre they exist within with every note. Picking out their influences like NOFX, Bad Religion and Plasmatics is part of the fun as you immerse yourself into the wonderful punk music they are creating.

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