Mother Vulture Finds A Way To Emphatically Escalate Their Already Raucous Kinetic Energy ‘Homemaker’

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With this being my second go around when it comes to covering the hyper kinetic band Mother Vulture, I felt that I not only knew what I was getting into, but to put it more succinctly I knew what to expect. Boy was I wrong. It’s like trying to introduce an out of touch person to metal. Instead of easing them in with lighter fare you go straight for the jugular and play Reign In Blood. That’ll shock the most catatonic person awake. I say that to mean while Spinal Tap found a volume knob that went to 11, Mother Vulture have shown they have the energy to go past that.

These guys are so talented that its no wonder that they have the capabilities to capture the attention of the masses with their energetic play. The drums pound your head harder as the riffs sear through your veins, and you find yourself sated yet asking for more. After my introduction with their tune Honey, I have now moved beyond eager to see them live with my ingestion of ‘Homemaker’. These guys truly epitomize everything I love about rock & roll. There is a gravity to this song that invades your being.

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They do all this majestic manipulation of their instruments while impressing you with their catchy lyrics as they simply create a love song. I say simply, because what is sung about is how the people in your life create the four walls of your home. That’s a beautiful analogy, and a concept that we can all get behind. I especially love at the 1:16 mark when you feel the song is over and you can catch your breath, they rip right back in with the battering drums and powerful riffs. It’s a jarring effect that works masterfully. I’m on board with what Mother Vulture has for sale.

Mother Vulture Homemaker tour

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