Highly Energized And Fast-Paced Mother Vulture’s Newest Really Knocks ‘Honey’

It’s as if you blasted through a beehive with both barrels and the remaining honey drips from the hollowed-out hive into your earlobes. Now it doesn’t escape me that that was a weird analogy for this tremendous song from Mother Vulture, quite the contrary, I know it’s weird but it’s also the best description I could conjure up for this song. They have stomped onto the music scene with chests puffed out as if to say “we are here, and we ain’t leaving”. They most definitely are not leaving, and I for one am here for their form of entertainment.

Through research I found that Mother Vulture has drawn comparisons to Jane’s Addiction but I’d like to go a step further and say I heard inklings of Buckcherry in what could only be described as their musical inspirations. They carry with them that same upbeat and unadulterated fun and kinetic energy. That’s a good thing and it’s also as far as the comparisons lie. I found Mother Vulture to have cultivated a sound that’s wholly Mother Vulture. After only hearing them via their recordings I can only begin to imagine what the experience live would be like.

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The opening drum beat blasts into your psyche as the gnarly guitar riff invades next. All this is laid out to pave the way for the infectious lyrics that serve as an anthem for independence. This is a band that has refused to comply and be put under restrictions. If they were to charge head on against anyone who wanted to restrain them, this would be their unmistakable battle cry. It’s an anthem for anybody who doesn’t want to be put into a mold. We need more music like this in the world, a world where conformity happen far too often for my tastes.

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