MOTHMAN, THE MAN drops The Mothman EP + New Video

Falmouth, UK based MOTHMAN, THE MAN release The Mothman EP along with an animated music video for the track ‘Do You Hear The Sounds?’.

Following the release of four singles, MOTHMAN, THE MAN is back with a new EP for you to enjoy—The Mothman EP. The album’s main theme or main message is that, at the end of the day, you must be comfortable in your own skin and work on your shortcomings. It’s about breaking free from the Covid-affected shell you’ve been living in. These songs will embody all these feelings and thoughts.

Mothman_The_ManPhoto by Elizabeth Alison

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MOTHMAN, THE MAN was formed in 2020 after meeting like-minded people at Falmouth University. The band has gone through several lineup changes, but the current lineup includes a bassist, Billy Tucker, a drummer, Billy Mattock, and the band’s leader, singer, and guitarist Connor Childs.

Mothman The ManPhoto by Elizabeth Alison

The entire EP was made in a combination of home recording and studio spaces at Falmouth University. The band’s primary inspirations are lo-fi fuzz folk bands from the 1990s such as Neutral Milk Hotel and The Microphones, as well as more modern artists such as Ty Segall and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Funny quote:

“I don’t care how shitty the guitar sounds. If it sounds like it’s being recorded on a 2006 Motorola we’re doing it right.” — Connor

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