Mr. Bewlay Unleashes A Frenetically Paced Explosion Of Garage Punk Goodness For All To Hear ‘Live, Laugh, Love’

Mr BewlayMr Bewlay / Publicity photo

High energy. That’s the best way I can describe my initial introduction to the enigmatic Mr. Bewlay. I’m more than happy to say that I am beyond ecstatic that I’ve been introduced to his unique sound. Count me in. Hook, line, and sinker. I’m a fan. This song epitomizes fun. It grabs you from the opening notes, holds on tight, and refuses to let go until the last drumbeat. Mr. Bewlay has cultivated a captivating soundscape to raise the mood of even the most cynical of music fans.

One can’t help but feel energized by the sounds Mr. Bewlay brings to the table. It’s an anthemic sound that complements the mantra of Live, Laugh, Love. It’s something we all should adhere to as its best we don’t take life too seriously. We should all loosen our ties a bit, untuck our shirts and follow Mr. Bewlay’s lead of letting loose. The world just might turn out to be a better place if we all learned to live a little more like that. It’s so crazy it just might work huh?

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Now the genesis of the song spawns from the widespread ‘Karen’ meme we all know and love. That was Mr. Bewlay’s original intention behind the song. A fun, tongue-in-cheek joke. The further he delved into the concept the more it grew into, well, something more. The lyrics grew out of his initial sarcastic intention to become more of a spectator to the absurdity of it all. Mr. Bewlay recruited the massively talented Laurence Collier to provide an iconic trumpet solo throughout the short but sweet song. The song is so fast paced that it ends after it’s only just begun, leaving the audience wanting more while at the same time they are satisfied and spent having just experienced Live, Laugh, Love. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to search out more of Mr. Bewlay’s music.

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