Naga Brujo’s Latest Punk Anthem Is Exuding Attitude With A Capital ‘A’ ‘Sick Sad World’

Naga BrujoPhoto by John Rosales

The Pandemic. It f’d a lot of people’s plans up. This badass band out of Texas is here to shine a spotlight on just that, and in essence provide the voice for the angst-ridden masses who might find themselves without a voice. ‘Sick Sad World’ is the first song off their upcoming EP, and if the title doesn’t clue you in on their opinions regarding the state of society Post-Pandemic, then the hard hitting lyrics will assuredly hit the nail on the head as it drives the message home.

This song encompasses all I love about punk. It pulls no punches as it points out the deficiencies in society that nobody feels comfortable talking about. It’s as if ‘Sick Sad World’ is there to act as a inner monologue of sorts for the types of people it seems to be poking fun at. It’s social commentary at it’s finest. Hell, we all walk around and silently judge others in our heads anyway. Naga Brujo has just taken it a step further and committed that judgment to wax for all to hear.

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One of the most remarkable traits of this band is their seamless transition between hard rock chords before diving full on into hard-hitting punk tropes. The battering and rapid paced drums along with the guttural and fast guitar riffs. Add those elements to the exclamatory lyrics that are peppered with a ting of annoyance behind them, and you have yourself a punk song that will stand the test of time. Punk as a genre has famously always been anti-establishment. Naga Brujo is no different and fits right in with those sentiments as the call out BS fake posturing by people and the even bigger BS being spewed out by cardboard politicians. This is just one man’s opinion.

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