Nantokanaru Hits Hard With A New Song That Pulls In Multiple Directions ‘Emotional Damage Wreckage’

Nantokanaru blows open the doors from the opening of their latest song with so much ferocity and kinetic energy that it’d snap even the most lethargic of people awake. So much so, that within those opening moments you feel a surge within you that you are experiencing something special. So sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride. This song kicks in a way that it’s almost difficult for the audience to catch their bearings, which is a good thing. The band has masterfully cultivated a soundscape that pulls you into multiple directions. At one point, they are whipping you around with a jarring force, and then dialing the energy level back to lull you into a false sense of security before amping it back up.

Through reading up on this band I found the interesting genesis of this song. Band leader Igor Prusa put the band on hiatus as he pursued his doctorate. One can only imagine the fish out of water and culture shock that would accompany a change like that. This song I best emulates those feelings both through their musical juxtaposition and the amazing music video that accompanies it.

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Igor’s stellar guitar play along with Derek Saxenmeyer inject an intense energy and musicality to this standout song. That coupled with their impeccable song-writing talents have helped to gift beautiful music for the world. The rhythm has been undeniably brought with a great fervency through both the play of bassist Vit Kraveck and drummer Michel Grepl. The bow that ties this entire musical gift together comes in the form of Filip Vicek’s astounding vocal range. He draws you in with his storytelling ability. This group is a clearcut case of a band having all the perfect pieces coming together to form a musical masterpiece.

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