Nero Simon and the Sunsetters have released a live video for their latest album’s tune ‘Forever’

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters is a vibrant eight-piece music group from Atlanta, Georgia, and they’re gifting the world with a live video performing ‘Forever’ from their latest album ‘Treasure Chest’.

Experience pure music flowing through your veins from instruments and their masterful players. The powerful group is led by lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Nero Simon, and they offer unforgettable live music experience that will take you through all possible human emotions. Walk through joy and sorrow with music that is timeless in its core but with a fresh feeling, because it is not something from the past, this original music is written for you today.

Nero Simon and the SunsettersNero Simon and the Sunsetters / Publicity photo

‘Forever’ is one of those songs that will instantly brighten up your day and leave your body relaxed. Since humans don’t have wings, this song will make you feel the closest to flying as it gets.

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This group’s main asset is that it is raw, coming straight from the heart without over processing anything, and it is something that the world we live in desperately needs. Do you ever get the feeling that you want something that is simply the way it is in its essence, something pure with its natural flaws? Ain’t nothing perfect in real art, and life is art. If so, Nero Simon and the Sunsetters’ music is for you, and you should definitely see them live, sing along, and shake your dust off on the dance floor.

The latest album ‘Treasure Chest’ is available on all major streaming platforms since March 18th, 2022.

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