New Oh My God! It’s The Church Has Your Hips Swaying From A Metal Banger Imbued With Soul & Funk in ‘Kiss My ApocaLips’

I sit here and am trying to successfully describe the feeling that accompanies OMG! It’s The Church’s new single. Where to begin? It’s not like I’m at a loss for words. It’s that I want to choose the correct words to convey what I’m feeling. Overwhelmed with pure joy to say the least. It’s as if somebody threw The Black Crowes, Buckherry and The Darkness into a blender with a hint of Steven Tyler’s front man swagger and poured the result into a glass, slid it across the bar to you, and said “ingest this”. That’s how I felt listening to ‘Kiss My Apocolips’. Pure f’n energy.

From the opening gnarly guitar play paired with the Jerry Lee Lewisesque piano magic to the pulse pounding drums, this song really grabs a hold of you, and refuses to let go. It’s a song that once in it’s grasp the best thing you can do is just hold on and enjoy the ride, cause there’s no getting off and there’s no slowing down. This song literally has it all. Injecting doses of funk, blues, rock and gospel all working in glorious harmony to create a masterful sound to please the ears.

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OMG! It’s The Church exemplifies all that we love about entertainment. They epitomize it, and we are better for it if we are privy to witnessing it. So, you need to go out of your way to witness this amazing band in the flesh. They are a eight course meal of entertainment that includes the Hail Mary’s choir joined by their band The Missionary Position, but they are all there to support their fearless leader the Right Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson. All in all I came out of this experience converting to the religion of OMG! It’s The Church.

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